Welcome friends!

Do you dream of moving to Italy one day? Or are you already living here but find yourself having difficulty adjusting to the new culture, language and lifestyle?

This website was created with the purpose of helping other expatriates find their way and learn how to survive (and hopefully thrive!)in this country and maybe even achieve “La dolce vita”.

How to be an expat.
Language and cultural practices can also be confusing or hard to understand in the beginning. Then there are the expectations that come with being an expat here and things that are equally as difficult.

Hopefully with some pointers and tips both from myself as well as other expats experiences you will be able to get a better grasp on the situation and make things easier to understand-

Life with kids.
Having kids while in a new country can be exciting and sometimes scary! – Let alone being pregnant and delivering your children in a new land where you don’t speak the language or know the customs and laws of the land. It can all be overwhelming.

I will be sharing tips and important things I have learned being a new mother and having delivered both of my children here and will also be including some very useful words and phrases in Italian for the situation.

Also on the topic, we discuss places to go and things to do with children in Italy.