Another great option, especially if you are looking into buying things in bulk. Granted it’s sometimes pricier than some of the aforementioned options, but it depends on what you’re looking for. – For example, I buy my 5-10 kilo flour for baking as I do a lot of baking as buying single packages at the grocery store was ultimately more expensive and I save time as I almost always have flour at home!

Another great thing about Amazon is their “top-up” or recurring subscription service* for foods/products that you buy often. They give you the option of choosing the frequency they deliver(between 1x/ week to 1x/month) plus an added 5% discount on some products.

If it’s something that you are planning on purchasing fairly often, it’s worth checking out! (The payments are automatically charged to your card, the delivery is automatic and free. You can also cancel your subscription at any time!)

*Only available with certain products on

Here are some examples of products to get a quick idea. If you want check them out for yourself just click on the names of the products!

Bear in mind that although some are still costly, but have a pretty significant difference between buying then in bulk on Amazon or buying singularly/smaller sizes at a regular supermarket.

(Not to mention some of these items, especially in the large size are impossible to find at local supermarkets.)

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