Online American Food Stores

Personally, I miss some of my favorite American cuisine ingredients now that I live in Italy. If you are like me and prefer to do the cooking or baking yourself at home instead of eating out or getting take-out, here are some great sources for buying the ingredients. The following are some online distribution stores […]

Speciality Stores in Rome

If you are currently in Rome or ever find yourself there and are in search of a place that sells authentic American imported ingredients, try locating one of these places: Castroni Mercato Esquilino Selli International Americaland

Authentic American Restaurants (in Italy)

I have been posting about how I miss American food staples during my 13 years living as an expat in Italy. There is some influence of American food staples becoming available at food stores and the presence of Authentic American Restaurants, including Starbucks, now in Italy. If you are looking for a more authentic experience, […]

American Food Influence

When it comes to food, American influence is only starting to be felt in Italy. Many of these foods are fast food staples that were brought by Americans who came to Italy for business or leisure. Italian food is rich in regional diversity, with many different cultures influencing the cuisine. That being said, it can […]