Fish Dishes

  1. Acciughe are anchovies a salt-preserved fish common in Northern Italian.
  2. Bottarga is salt-cured fish roe that is compressed and shaved or sliced onto eggs, vegetables, and pasta.
  3. Branzino is seabass also called Spigola.
  4. Calamaro is squid.
  5. Capasante are sea scallops.
  6. Cozze are mussels.
  7. Gambero are shrimp.
  8. Merluzzo is Altantic cod.
  9. Ostrica is oyster and for a dozen the plural form is ostriche!
  10. Pesce spada is swordfish. Pesce spada affumicato is smoked swordfish.
  11. Polpo in Italy means Octopus (both the animal and the meat).
  12. Seppia is cuttlefish a common seafood in Venice.
  13. Tonno means tuna both in the preserved canned form and in steak form (bistecca di tonno).
  14. Trota is trout and similar to tuna represents both the conserved and fresh forms.
  15. Vongole are clams, often seen as Spaghetti alle vongole!

Meat Dishes

  1. Anatra is duck.
  2. Cervo is venison.
  3. Cinghiale is wild boar, popular on menus in Tuscany.
  4. Frattaglie is offal, the entrails and internal organs of animals including cows, pigs, and chickens.
  5. Guanciale is cured pork jowl, the name comes from guancia the Italian word for cheek: something Italians really do pinch!
  6. Lardo is cured pork fat. While that might not sound delicious it is when sliced thin on melon.
  7. Maiale means pork.
  8. Manzo is beef, mucca means cow, but when it comes to Italian cheese look for latte vaccino because vacca also means cow.
  9. Pancetta is the bacon of Italy
  10. Pecora is sheep in Italian. Sheep’s milk by the way makes for some of the best cheese in Italy!
  11. Prosciutto crudo is raw air-cured ham while Prosciutto cotto is cooked ham a popular pizza topping in Italy.
  12. Pollo is chicken.
  13. Salsicca means sausage.
  14. Tacchino is turkey.
  15. Vitello is veal.

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